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#NotThere, #NoCeilings, #DearMe

International Women’s Day was marked on Sunday March 8; with tributes aimed at empowering women, reflecting on how far the world has come in the quest for gender equality and how far it still has to go. In different parts of the world marches took place. For example, in New York City, where International Women’s […]


Ways Love Transforms Your Brain

Ok I believe it makes you feel some type of way, but literally transforms your brain? Eh that’s doing in my brains thinking of it right now, but hey I am not a scientist, No Sir/ Ma’am. So I am going to go with the flow and along with you, see what scientists say happens […]

In the city africa - why does everyone look hotter in sunglasses

Why does everyone look hotter in sunglasses

ITC Lagos finally attempts to unravel the answers to a question of monumental importance in fashion: Why does nearly everyone instantly look more attractive with sunglasses on? You know you’re at least a little curious. And so were we, so we decided to check out what experts think on this issue and happened on one, […]

Little Girl

A Message to My Daughter: Don’t Be a “Good Girl”

“Be a good girl,” I said to my daughter as I hugged her goodbye at the airport on one of my trips. Almost immediately, I heard the words echo in my consciousness and suddenly remembered that this is the kind of words many girls are told before the unthinkable is perpetrated against them. They could […]

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Things I’d like my son to know

As is gradually becoming obvious (if you’ve been reading this fly magazine) I’m a lister. Am sure you will agree it kind of helps distill thoughts into manageable bits. The whole idea being to let you the reader go ahead, move the thoughts around in your head, deconstruct, remove or fill up as the case […]

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Lagos Fitness Cycology

On a less than clear morning in Lagos, reasonably early, and in consideration of the fact that it is a weekend to boot, a group of men and women, are waking up in their individual abodes in Lagos, gearing up for a bicycle ride. They converge at a given point on the Island, and with […]

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What to do in Lagos

You have less than 48 hours in Lagos, but you have heard of this wonderful city that never sleeps and it will be an injustice to yourself, in fact a travesty if you did come to Lagos and never experienced some of its thrills. So you want to know from In the City, other than […]

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