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Dreams you can never give up on

Buddy, I can tell you this, growing up, I had dreams big, small, inconsequential and downright foolish, (to others, but not to me). Some, I have fulfilled, but a lot; I have not even scratched the surface off. Cos, thing about dreams are that they ossify, and given the ravages of time on life, you […]

How to survive a fancy formal dinner

Have you been given an invite to a formal party and are you dreading the fancy, formal do?Whether you love or hate fancy affairs, the key is to learn what you should expect before you go and plan accordingly, then just remember to be courteous while you’re there. I personally love fancy affairs, because the […]

Lead us not into temptation: Smart tips for outsmarting retailers

Unlocking the secrets Little drops of water they say make a mighty ocean, a kobo here and there saved adds up in the end. Do not be the fool who is soon parted from his or her money. Retailers use many taccs to induce shoppers to buy products they may not really want or need, […]

Essential fatherhood experiences for Lagos men

In the spirit of celebrating everything good, fathers (dads) been one of those good things, have come up for special mention, for what they’re doing right. Father’s Day have come and gone we know, but there is no reason for In the City Lagos, not to remember the awesome dudes that populate Lagos and the […]

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