Ten best apps for students and the parents who labour for them.

Dear Parents in Lagos, the days are upon us, the world of technology is not only beating a path to our days, and it has literally overtaken us. Your latest companion, the android you bought with your hard earned cash as per Naija lingo and which you cherish very much for all sorts of reason including appearances are been pried from your hands from those in the know aka your kids. And believe me they do know. You are in despair, because as far you are concerned and can see with your two naked eyes (another Naija lingo) they are not doing anything really meaningful with it, but you concede that they need to be in tune with the world of technology. So what do you do?

Despair not, In the City has come to your veritable rescue; did we not promise you that eh, did we not? No more shall we have parents ticking off their children for doing nothing with their androids and their lives other than to play games, admonishing them to do something better with their lives, of which the parent cannot readily point out exactly what role the android should play in this set up.

So its not really a secret, but dear parent did you know that Android has introduced a number of useful applications meant only for scholars/ students/pupils even in some cases? Some are free and others not, but then if you bought an android you should be able to afford the cost of some of the apps.

These apps aim to help students get good marks and succeed in their studies including getting good grades in exams, the latter, music to the ears of Nigerian parents, Okay, a truce, white flag and allto the happy news; drum rolls… dumdumdum, here it is, the best apps you can put on your android and ensure that your children use;

Merriam Webster Dictionary (www. merriam-webster.com)
This free application is perfect for every student. It contains a huge database, voice search and thesaurus which give you an

opportunity to look up the meaning of a word with your phone wherever you are.

Math Formulary on Google Play

Student having difficulties with mathematics? Thing of the past, with this app, you will get access to all the math formulas (geometry, trigonometry, arithmetic, algebra) you might encounter during your studies.

WikiDroid on Google Play

This is an official Android application which brings this well-known encyclopedia to your smart phone (including some convenient features.) It not only boosts up the research via Wikipedia, but also offers a page translation feature and utility which can go back to the saved pages when there is no connection.

Evernote (www.evernote.com)

This useful free app gives students an opportunity to create and edit notes, record voice and hence create audio notes. It also allows students to sync their files with other devices. Need something for your exam? Open this app and note it down.

Wolfram Alpha (www.wolframalpha. com)
With the help of this app, which uses a vast database and various algorithms, you can get any answer to any of your questions. It is always ready to answer a wide range of questions regarding physics, chemistry, astronomy, math, etc. This app I love, including the little graphics it displays as it works out your answer.

Document Scanner on Google Play

What can be much easier than just scanning necessary information from books or magazines like a note? All you need to do is just scan, save PDF file to you device, or email it to your friends if necessary.

GPA Calculator (gpacalculator.net)

While your report card provides all the necessary information about your grades, it can still be quite complicated to calculate your Grade Point Average. This app is aimed to help you find out your GPA within few seconds and just several taps. This app is user-friendly; an interface displays two columns where you should type in your credit hours and grades. For students in Nigeria, this might not necessarily be helpful, other than knowing how GPAs are calculated, but for parents who have kids in colleges abroad, particularly USA, but are resident in Nigeria, you can keep a tab on your kids GPAs by using this yourself, whilst they also do same.

Grammar Guide on Google Play

Avoid grammar troubles by using this low-cost app, which not only checks your writing and gives a report, but provides a

wealth of information concerning rules of punctuation, sentence structure, etc.

Student Organizer on Google Play

This is one of the apps that claim to improve your grades. How does that work? It is another great organizing tool which helps you manage and keep track of your tasks, assignments, classes. It has some beneficial and interesting features, such as: attendance monitoring, teachers contact info, and an advanced scheduling system.

My Student Budget on Google Play

To be a university student means to lead an adult life. Thats to say, you are responsible not only for your studies, but also for your financial condition hopefully. Therefore, it is important to manage your budget wisely and use money efficiently. If you have troubles with that, then surely this app is for you.

Can we all please get along now, parents and children?

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