Some of the most beautiful places in Africa

In looking at one of the most diverse, exotic and unique continents on Earth, it’s pretty difficult to pick out the mostbeautiful places. From deserts to oceans, manmade creations to nature’s miracles, and mountains to craters, the geography in Africa is some of the most breathtaking in the world. So in the interest of

fairness, this list attempts to spread out the honors among countries, and not just re-iterate all of the Wonders of the World. Essentially, what we have here is an entirely arbitrary collection of some seriously amazing places that you should do your absolute best to get to one day. Bucket list material.

It’s no surprise that the Giza Pyramids make this list (and are the only official world wonder admitted here). Their amazing history enhances their beauty. Built around 2650 B.C. from more than 2.5 million blocks of limestone, they remain among the most awesome feats of ancient times that cost gallons of sweat and hundreds of lives. Housing the tombs of pharaohs who ruled the land, they are cloaked in mystery and danger.

Grave robbers have notoriously stolen the possessions of the former rulers; some are said to have been thwarted by unknown beings. There’s also a rumor that aliens helped build the pyramids to begin with, as technology at that time was nowhere near sophisticated enough to erect something of their size. And while we’re at it, might as well throw the Sphinx in there too.

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