Attractions nearby Lagos: Trip to Benin republic

You have been in Lagos, for some time or you have been living lasgidi style that you almost qualify as an omoeko or you are the real deal as in an authentic Lagosian. Whatever,you should be tempted to venture a little bit beyond the shores of Lagos and Nigeria really. Yes we know you love Lagos and cannot bear been parted from it, but go on, we encourage you , and do not worry, the borders are open twenty four hours, so shoo, either as in pedal to the metal or flying on a wing and a prayer, but whichever way you wish to do , just do it.

What are your options, you ask, In the City says head west to the lovely cozy Benin Republic, and, if the travel bug keeps biting, who knows you could go on and on.

But for right now, lets tempt you with just an option; Benin Republic and heres why you should and why we are letting you go;

Whats not to love?
Beautiful beaches that start all the way from Badagry in Lagos State and westwards into BeninRepublic, and if you happen to be a beach junkie, we

suggest you actually experience, so maybe you want to start with a brief detour into Badagry and a stay there for a day before you leave the shores of Lagos and Nigeria.

Badagry or Bust
What should you do in Badagry? Remember, it was about the beach right? Choices abound, you could decide to lounge at the lovely resort of nearby Whispering Palms, or you could decide to see Mother Nature in all its glory, by heading to the Badagry Beach. If on a weekday, you would think you hit pay dirt as in beach heaven, as there definitely will not be many at the beach , but even if a weekend, there might not be that much a difference as long as it is not a public holiday or a festive period.

Rejuvenated and raring to see more, head across to;

In this lovely piece of the earth, cultural and historic attractions, mountains that are perfect for hikers and wildlife in abundance are just a few. With many not knowing this, the capital city of Benin, Porto-Novo, is worth a visit, as is Benin’s other major city, Cotonou. Might you be interested in picking up a thing or two, the markets in Cotonou are teeming with goodies, including artifacts, grab some as you contribute to the local economy.

Just north of Cotonou is Ganvie, a village thats built on stilts over a lake, now isnt that something to see? We are talking sturdy poles, trees, wood, buried deep down into the lake, with houses built on it, supporting an entire village, awesome!

For history buffs, there is the ancient slave port of Ouidah, where you can journey through time by learning about the transatlantic slave trade and see if you can fathom why this travesty against humankind ever occurred. Still on the history trail and for relics of the Dahomey Kingdom (colonial name for Benin Republic), head to Abomey and visit the Musee HistoriquedAbomey. Keep in focus the fact that this ancient kingdom had famous women warriors known as the Amazons, whose fighting fame and prowess was widely known and acknowledged. Would it not follow then that the lineage still continues in the lovely women you see strolling round town in Abomey, so go easy on the charm offensive, just kidding.

To round up this edutaining trip, and if things that go boom in the night do thrill rather than scare you, make sure then that you make it a priority to see Ghezos throne, which is actually a throne mounted on human skulls at same Musee HistoriquedAbomey.

Why come back?
Phew!!!! What a trip. Kindly skedaddle back to Lagos, as weve been missing

you loads! Its the Lagos thing you know. No place quite like it.

And should you care to share your experience, do drop some lines to us; including tips for other would be travellers on same route.

As is said in this our part of the woods and in anticipation of your journey back, ekujo meta, ekaabo!

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